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June 2021, No. 97


Normalizing International Commercial Relationships

Our globe is experiencing very tough conditions because of coronavirus pandemic and his situation is much more difficult for Iranian due to both pandemic and international sanctions.

Obviously, as a result of sanctions we are not able to interact with the world. We are facing with all locked and closed doors for money transferring, opening accounts and L/C and all financial activities that have been limited our business and increased the cost of transactions.

According my knowledge and information, as the president of Iran-Italy chamber, managers of private sectors in Iran and Italy are eagerly prepare to restart the commercial relationships regardless any political relations and limitations.

But, unfortunately all mechanisms and solutions for normalizing the commercial relationships are in the hands of governments in Iran, USA and Europe.

Therefore, it is very hard to talk for me as an economist and industrial activist regarding the commercial normalizing mechanisms.

In my opinion and as always emphasized, in the international relationships the fundamental and essential step for interaction is, trust making and transparency.

So my recommendation for normalizing the conditions is as below:

         First of all, its necessary for European leaders to take a serious step and activate the Instex. By operating this channel it will be possible to some extent to import certain medicines, corona vaccines and essential goods.

         Approve of all remaining bills of FATF like Palermo and CFT as a basic and important step towards transparency.

         Unconditional return of 4+1 Countries (with the US unofficial presence) to the negotiating table of (JCPOA) and concluding strong agreements that doesnt meet the previous conditions.

         Lifting the sanctions of Iran that exceedingly has weakened that Irans people who have no involvement in politics.

         Renew of the previous commercial negotiates, MOUs, ties and agreements.


I believe, we (I mean Iranian and Italian businessmen) are ready to start the commercial relationships without wasting any time.

In the meantime, Iran-Italy chamber as a trustworthy organization is along with all the businessmen and companies to reinforce their relationships.

I assure you, we are able to provide any kind of commercial information and find the right partner for you and provide the conditions for face to face negotiations in the near future.

Hopefully, the governments of the world, will help to normalize relations and world peace by making rational decisions.       

Ahmad Pourfallah, President of the Iran-Italy Joint Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines


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  June 2021
No. 97