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June 2021, No. 97


Ebrahim Raisi Becomes Iranís
New President with 18 Million Votes

Iran has a new president for the next four years. After holding the election (June18), the president-elect was announced to take over for the next four years.

Experts believe that there is a list of opportunities and threats on the table of the President-elect. The list of opportunities includes ďlifting the sanctions to eliminate external riskĒ, ďthe possibility of vaccination to control COVID 19Ē and ďalliance of state institutions to make tough decisionsĒ.

In contrast, threats on the presidentís table include ďpoor macroeconomic indicatorsĒ, ďclosing the demographic windowĒ, ďdeclining household incomesĒ, ďsocial security and bankrupt pension fundsĒ, ďend of the period of abundant oil revenuesĒ and ďenvironmental challengesĒ.

The president-elect is now at a crucial juncture where he can take advantage of the opportunities to overcome the threats or fall into the trap of everyday life without taking advantage of the opportunities to re-create the conditions for the growing threats of the economy. According to observers, the first two years of the next government are a golden time to take advantage of opportunities to overcome threats. Private-sector activists also expect the next government to remove the threat of ďgovernment interventionĒ to create an opportunity to ďimprove the business environment.Ē


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  June 2021
No. 97