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January 2020, No. 93

Foreign Trade

Meeting in Milan!

An important delegation comprising directors of textile, leather, cosmetics, pasta, foodstuff, petrochemical, mine, coffee, glass and construction field and electrical manufacturers headed by engineer Ahmad Pourfallah, President of Iran-Italy Chamber visited Milan where they met with their  Italian counterparts to develop trade and cooperation at a business meeting on November 28, 2019.

During the meeting, Mr. Pourfallah spoke about the longstanding relations between the two countries, emphasizing that the Iran-Italy Chamber is the oldest and largest joint chamber with a European country in Iran, which currently has over 5,000 registered members.

He said Iran Chamber with the help of its sister chamber, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Rome  has worked for many years to try to maintain and expand the level of trade between the two countries and to work to resolve the problems of the economic activists of the two countries.

He added that the high records in mutual trade, especially in the years of the sanctions, show the interest of economic activists in maintaining and expanding economic exchanges between Iran and Italy. There is no doubt that the sanctions have affected the course of economic activities and reduced the volume of trade compared to the not-so-distant years when Italy was our number one trade partner in Europe.

We are confident that these restrictions will be lifted in the future and that the volume of industrial activities in both countries and previous records will be restored. We are here to keep our trade exchanges alive and secure, as conditions normalize, and we assure you that the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce will do its best in cooperation with Italy-Iran Chamber and Iran Chamber to minimize the problems of the economic activists of the two countries and leave behind this stage.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to give Iranian businessmen and the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce the privilege to be your host in Tehran early 2020.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of the Italy-Iran Chamber in Rome said that given the rich historical background and brilliant business history between Iran and Italy, the two countries need to maintain and develop commercial and trade relations.


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  January 2020
No. 93