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October 2019, No. 92

Transport Industry

Salam Terminal-Gallery Inaugurated

“This terminal will be built by using the capacity of the private sector and utilizing the BLT contract, which has been used at Salam terminal and are also used in the neighboring countries.”

Salam Terminal-Gallery was inaugurated as the first smart air terminal of the country at the presence of the President, minister of roads and urban development, and other authorities at Imam Khomeini Airport City (IKAC). Mohammad Eslami, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, said the construction of the new terminal has improved the capability of building domestic airports. He added that the new terminal will be built by attracting private sector funds and by using the BLT method. The minister noted that with the opening of the terminal, flights will start from this terminal as of June 22. He said preparations have been made and all the organizations that must contribute to the process are stationed at this terminal.

He added: “In the current situation, we need to believe that we can and enjoy strong will, perseverance and maximum use of all capacities so that we can keep the wheel of progress in the country running.”

Referring to the goal of transferring 100 million passengers at the airport and restoration of the first place in airline passenger displacement in the region, he said: “Development of aviation infrastructure is needed to achieve this goal. These infrastructures include airports and terminals as well as air navigation infrastructures and flight control. By upgrading this infrastructure, we can prepare our skies for the transfer of 100 million passengers, whether passing flights or transit flights.”

He noted: “The industries that build airport equipment were backed up through orders we forwarded to them.”

Referring to the plans for the construction of a new terminal, the minister pointed out that the improvement of the domestic capability in the field of airport building has made it possible to move towards the development of the main terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport City, which in the first phase is designed with a capacity of 25 million passengers per year. He added: “This terminal will be built by using the capacity of the private sector and utilizing the BLT contract, which has been used at Salam terminal and are also used in the neighboring countries.” He said that this requires stabilization, sustainability and transparency in policy making and consequently confidence building. 

Investing 5,000 Billion Rials

The head of the Mostazafan Foundation also announced at the ceremony that the foundation, despite the sanctions had completed the national terminal project for the Imam Khomeini International Airport by spending 5,000 billion rials.

Mohammad Saidikia said Salam International Terminal Project was launched by contractors and subsidiaries of the Mostazafan Foundation in 2010 on a land area of ​​60,000 square meters, but was stopped for a long time due to lack of funding for the project. Finally, in 2015, negotiations were held between the foundation and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and it was decided to complete the project in the form of BLT.

Saidikia added that the ministry in 2016 decided to make changes in Salam terminal project and increased the capacity of the terminal from 4 million to 5 million passengers. Following agreements made by the two sides, the Mostazafan Foundation started construction of the terminal in 2017.

Referring to the sanctions, he said: “While we were in a very difficult condition during the implementation of the project but thanks to full coordination between the ministry and the foundation the project was implemented.” He said despite the changes made by the ministry, in less than two years we were able to open this construction project. In this project, domestic facilities have been used at the highest level possible, he said, adding that the project is the first in its kind as regards dimensions, equipment and technology.

The terminal-gallery has been constructed using the latest equipment and technologies in the airport area, and as the officials in charge of construction of this terminal emphasize, the project is a step in the direction of “training Iranian airport building team”, which according to Ali Rostami, the Managing Director of Imam Khomeini Airport City, at least 3 million dollars have been saved in foreign exchange by using local workforce in construction of the terminal-gallery.

Salam Terminal-Gallery is constructed in three floors occupying an area of 55 thousand square meters. With the opening of this terminal, the capacity of Imam Khomeini International Airport will increase to more than 13 million people annually. Also, about 5,000 billion rials has been spent on construction and equipping of the terminal-gallery.

The Open Counter is another feature of Salam Terminal-Gallery designed to accelerate admission of passengers. At this passenger terminal, passengers of all air companies can get their boarding cards from any counter they wish.

Based on a comprehensive plan approved and delegated to Imam Khomeini Airport City, after the opening of Salam terminal construction of Iranshahr super project with a capacity of 100 million passengers per year in the south of Terminal 1 of Imam Khomeini Airport will be put on the agenda. It is planned that in the first phase, within the span of five years, the capacity for dispatching and accepting 20 million trips will be provided. With the opening of Salam terminal, transfer of some domestic flights from midnight to 5 am will be moved to Imam Khomeini Airport from Mehrabad Airport which bans flight at this time range.

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  October 2019
No. 92