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October 2018, No. 89


International Youth Day:
Safe Spaces for the Youth

On the occasion of the World Youth Day, a special meeting entitled “Safe Spaces for the Youth” was held at the Conference Hall of Enqelab Cultural-Sports Complex in the presence of a number of young Iranian elites and senior international representatives, including the representative of the United Nations Population Fund, Dr. Leila Saiji Joudane and the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Iran, Dr. Will Parks.

The important issues discussed in that session pertained to the problems of the youth in social, cultural, economic, entrepreneurial and so on fields and in the area of sports the representative of the youth athlete, Azam Sanaei, referred to such issues as the role of sports in the success of the youth.

Sanaei is the captain of the national team of inline hockey, who has been a member of the national team since 2009 and has been able to record many successes, including the acquisition of two third Asian positions in her record and, with her experience in this regard, undertake the responsibility of leading the Enqelab Youth Team.

She described the role of sports as one of the best and most important ways of cultural interaction among nations as well as transfer of the message of peace and friendship. She believed that creation of appropriate sports spaces could be considered as the best place for the growth of the young people in order to prevent social and cultural harm, by taking into consideration the physical and mental conditions of this age. “Participation in overseas competitions leads to the development and learning from developed countries, as well as acquiring the experience of the best of the world sports and becomes the venue for transfer of knowledge and experience and can promote athletes in the future.”

In conclusion, Sanaei reviewed the future programs of the inline hockey team, including participation in the Asian competition in South Korea and wished success and honor for all the athletes.


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  October 2018
No. 89