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October 2018, No. 89


Dr. Hossein Mehri Ali Ashraf Afkhami

Dr. Mehri Appointed New CEO of BIM

Minister of economic affairs and finance has appointed Dr. Hossein Mehri as the new Chairman of Board of Directors and Managing Director of Bank of Industry & Mine (BIM).

Dr. Mehri holds a doctorate degree in entrepreneurship management and previously served in the positions of deputy telecommunication minister and deputy managing director of BIM.

Speaking at his introduction session, he said paying specific attention to the human asset would be among the most important issues of the bank. He reiterated that specialized and skill-oriented trainings towards professional development of the staff would be a priority for the bank, adding, on this path experience of the developed countries should be used.

Also speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Amir Baqeri said the outgoing CEO of the BIM Ali Ashraf Afkhami is among the outstanding managers in the banking system that has left a brilliant record for his services at the BIM.

Baqeri reiterated that the policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is based on selecting motivated and well-known people from within the banking system for the management and that selection of Dr. Mehri has been made with the same approach.

He said in recent years economic issues have been turned into the main subjects of the system and to this end the reform of the banking system has been considered by the country’s policy-makers.

Addressing the audience, Afkhami, compared the economic situation of the advanced countries with Iran and said the reason for the development of those countries is the education management and efforts for knowing more.

Afkhami referred to lack of overdraft from the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), increase in the capital of the bank and funding infrastructural plans in the area of power plant industries, petrochemicals and railway as the achievements of the BIM in the recent years.

Afkhami said in the recent years, along with the professional activities, the bank has assumed social responsibilities. As an example, he pointed to the establishment of four blood transfusion centers by the BIM.

Afkhami reiterated that increase in the capital of the bank and prolongation of the repayment deadline of the facilities is necessary for the protection and promotion of the activities of the BIM and, as a result, the credit of the country.

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  October 2018
No. 89