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September 2018, No. 88

IMIDRO Exclusive

Iran Joins Rail Track
Manufacturing Countries

The first domestically manufactured rail track consignment produced at Isfahan Steel Company was delivered to the National Railways Organization in a special ceremony held in the presence of Dr. Mansour Yazdizadeh, Managing Director of Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO).

By delivering this steel consignment, Iran has officially joined the rail track manufacturing countries.

The cargo is 500 tons of U33 rails, manufactured according to the latest global technology at ESCO, and is on par with European Standard EN13674.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the Head of Isfahan Railways, Seyed Reza Sadat Hosseini, said: “Delivering the first rail track consignment gives us the glad tiding that the IRI Railways concern over provision of rail tracks will be removed and the problem will be solved by increasing the production.”

Noting that the IRI Railways has welcomed the domestic manufacture of rail tracks, he said the organization will fulfill its obligations vis-à-vis the national railways so that an important step would be taken towards the development of rail transport.

He said: “According to the Sixth Development Plan, the country’s railways should reach 25 thousand kilometers, every 10 kilometers of which requires 500 tons of rail tracks. The statistics indicate the country’s high rail mileage.”

Sadat Hosseini added: “The rails produced at the ESCO have been tested by experts and are reliable. The quality of these products will be better known after installation.”
Meanwhile, Yazdizadeh expressed satisfaction with the efforts made by this huge industrial complex in line with Iran’s self-sufficiency in production of rail tracks in a year designated as the year of support for domestic goods. He said: “Rail transportation development is one of the basic needs of the country and the supply of rail tracks is of strategic importance.”
In the current situation that we are under unjust sanctions, rail supplies within the country are very effective support for the development of rail transport, he noted.

He added: “Quality plays a very important role in rail production, and ESCO has been particularly sensitive to the quality of its products since its inception. For this reason, every product manufactured in this company has become a brand and customers have special confidence in these products.”

Yazdizadeh said that customer satisfaction is important in rail production, so the rails have been manufactured according to the latest European standard EN13674 and Bureau Veritas certification company has approved the products as a foreign observer.

He added that the high quality girder and rebar manufactured at ESCO and exported to European countries also play a role in the security of the building and the safety of rail transport.
He reiterated that the production of the rails was much easier four years ago according to the standards of the time, adding that the rail production based on the latest European standards was very difficult and complicated but it was worth the efforts because it has made the country self-reliant. “We are glad that today the production problems of other types of rails, including the UIC60, have been resolved and there is full readiness to produce all types of rails.”

The CEO of Esfahan Steel Company concluded by saying that the company, with the possibility of producing 400 thousand tons of rails per year, is able to supply the state railways with the needed tracks and export the surplus.


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  September 2018
No. 88