The Forum for Partners in Iran's Marketplace

June 2022, No. 100

Special Report

Celebrating the 100th Issue

of Iran International

Twenty-five years ago, I decided to publish the English-language magazine Iran International. Since our launch in 1998 we have published a grand total of 100 issues.

Iran International: The Forum for Partners in Iran Marketplace

The purpose of publishing Iran International was to introduce Iran and Irans foreign partners in the Iranian market. To this end, significant achievements were made in Irans foreign trade.

More than 330 Iranian and 56 foreign companies were present in the special issues of Iran International, and their interaction with each other led to a stronger presence in Irans national projects.

In the 100th issue of Iran International, while introducing the most important issues in Irans foreign trade workflow, a selection of Iranian and foreign personalities who have tried to develop relations with Iran through their articles and speeches have been reflected.

Iran International is now published quarterly and is available on the World Wide Web for those interested.

Whether you are new or a longstanding client we would like to thank you for joining us and helping us to promote our cause.

Looking forward for more success!

Chairman & Editor in Chief


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