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September 2018, No. 88

After Completion of Second Development Phase
Attainment of Production Capacity of
3.5 Tons of 24 Car at Pure Gold

Dr. Ali Safarzadeh, Managing Director of Zarshouran

With regard to the importance, value and application of gold as a precious metal with limited and fully strategic resources throughout the world and considering the ever-increasing application of this metal in medical and electronic industries in the developed and developing countries, especially Iran (according to unofficial statistics the annual consumption in the country is 25 to 30 tons), the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), as the compiler of macro policies and the decision maker in the necessary policies in the area of mine and mineral industries, was encouraged to take measures for the expansion of its targeted activities in the area of extraction and processing of gold and creation of value added and generation of wealth for the country.

To this end, the establishment of the second development phase of Zarshouran gold mine and the gold processing factory in the West Azarbaijan Province (Takab) was put on the agenda with an aim of realizing the annual production capacity of 3.5 tons of 24 carat pure gold (to be upgraded to 5 tons) and with an investment of over 3,000 billion rials (with the inclusion of the necessary infrastructures that would be implemented by IMIDRO the amount of the investment will reach 5,000 billion rials).With the signing and exchange of contracts between Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company (the employer) and participation of Kahanroba Company and Foolad Technic International Engineering Co. as well as a foreign company (from South Africa) as the contractor, it was officially launched in the month of Khordad (May/June) and will be completed and put into operation in the next three years. This important task, as golden foliage of the performance of President Hassan Rouhani government and IMIDRO, will promise a future full of blessing and economic growth and prosperity for the country and especially the hardworking people of the region.

It should be noted that Zarshouran gold mine was commissioned in 1393 (2014/15) by Es’haq Jahangiri, First Vice-President and thanks to the efforts of capable Iranian experts. Meanwhile, Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company in 1396 (2017/18) by taking advantage of the sympathetic guidelines of the senior officials of IMIDRO and in the light of the unique efforts of its committed and skillful personnel, managed to produce 850 kg of 24 carat pure gold and register it as a record.

It should be noted that at present 714 people are working in the company of whom about 350 are serving in the mine sector and 474 in the factory. The number of the manpower of the employer is 397 and that of the contractor, including consultant engineers as well as mine, road and compound building contractors and etc., is 317. Over 95% of the forces employed in this company (employer and contractors) are committed local people of the region.  

Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Co.

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  September 2018
No. 88