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September 2018, No. 88

Dr. Morteza Hashempur, Managing Director of Sangan Iron Ore Complex

Sangan iron ore mines in Khaf, with a total deposit of over one billion tons, are one of the 10 largest iron ore extraction fields in the world. The mines provide primary feed for the production of 17.5 million tons of concentrate, 15 million tons of pellets and 5 million tons of iron ore. Sangan iron ore deposits are divided into three parts: western, central, and eastern regions, in an area of ​​approximately 22 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, 300 kilometers southeast of Mashhad. The area is located about 50 kilometers from Afghanistan border.

The first exploratory studies in Sangan were conducted in 1354 (1975) by Barit Iran Company. The new exploratory and initial feasibility studies including geographical, mineral and metallurgical studies were carried out by the National Iranian Steel Company from 1362 (1983/84) up to 1369 (1990/91). Detailed exploration operations in western deposits were carried out by BHP from 1369 up to 1372 (1993/94), and exploration activities in western, central and eastern deposits are still underway.

In this location, aerial geophysical operations were conducted in an area of 11,500 square kilometers and after aerial and ground geophysics, 15 anomalies were identified. So far 13 areas have been delegated to the private sector for exploration operations.

To reach a production capacity of 55 million tons of steel under the 1404 Vision Plan (2025/26) requires reliable iron ore reserves. The iron ore needed to attain the goal of the plan is 160 million tons, and the production of Sangan Iron Ore Complex (SIOC) under the plan is 40 million tons, equivalent to 25% of the entire country. The required concentrate and pellet are 90 million tons, and the SIOC plans to produce 17.5 million tons of concentrate (20% of the total volume in the country) and 15 million tons of pellets (equivalent to 16% of the entire country).

With regard to the needs of the operating or under construction factories in the region to water resources and other energy uses, including gas and electricity, mechanisms to provide the requirements studied and basic measures for their supply are underway.

The Sangan comprehensive plan was finalized in 1392 (2013/14) and 1393 (2014/15) and measures have been taken for localization of industrial and mining units based on the same comprehensive plan.

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  September 2018
No. 88