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September 2018, No. 88

Alireza Talari, Managing Director of Mouteh Gold Complex

Mouteh Gold Complex

Mouteh Gold Complex, as the first center for processing and extracting gold in Iran, has nine mineral deposits in an area of ​​150 square kilometers, of which the two mines of Chah Khatun and Sinjedeh have been developed over the past few years and the mineral substance has been extracted. Operations for the extraction of mineral substance from Chah Khatun mine are currently underway in the form of opencast and benching.

Important measures taken in the Mouteh Gold Complex over the past 5 years are as follows:

  •  Receiving the license for the standard gold bullion mark

  •  Receiving the IMS Certificate (ISOs), 2015 version as the first mineral complex in the country

  •  Top research and development unit in the country

  •  Top research and development unit in Isfahan Province

  •  Exemplary standard production unit in Isfahan Province

  •  Extension of exploitation of Chah Khatun mine for 10 years

  •  Receiving development permit of Sinjedeh mine for 5 years

  •  Reforming and receiving development permit for Shanaq gold mine

  •  Construction and operation of the 5-million-ton tailing dam while taking all the standards into account

  •  Implementation of the project for identification of plant species and reconstruction of the mines ecosystem in line with achieving environmental targets and...

  •  Exemplary complex of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO)  

  •  Selecting the complex manager as an “unforgettable face” in industry, mine and trade in 1396 (2017/18)

  •  Receiving ISO 17025 laboratory standard

  •  Getting 3-star badge of productivity promoters from IMIDRO

It must be noted that the complex has completed the study, laboratory and semi-industrial phase of the project for the selection of proper plant species for the reconstruction and revitalization of the ecosystem of Mouteh Gold Complex and efforts are underway to develop infrastructure and make investment for the industrial implementation of the plan. The project is under implementation with the direct supervision of the representative of the Department of Environment of Isfahan Province.

In this regard, three pilot plans, including plantation of 4,800 seedlings have been carried out and currently 15,000 seedlings are being grown in the greenhouse which will be transferred to the suitable environmental areas after reaching proper growth.

In the past five years, the Mouteh Gold Complex has demonstrated a decent performance compared to the past few years; in the performance of production four records have been registered as follows:

1. Registration of the record for the most processed soil since the operation of the factory

2. Registration of the record for the highest production efficiency over the past 13 years

3. Registration of the record for the least factory stop time since the operation of the factory

4. Registration of the record for the highest production in the past 24 years

Product of the Mouteh Gold Complex with 24 karat, or 0/999, and the standard weight of one kilogram is available on the commodity exchange.

A glance at the statistics for the production of gold bullion and employment opportunities in the Mouteh Gold Complex in the past five years

  •  Production statistics in 1392 (2013/14): 236,000 g 

                               employment in 1392   0

  •  Production statistics in 1393 (2014/15): 281,000 g      

                               employment in 1393   3

  •  Production statistics in 1394 (2015/16): 248,000 g      

                               employment in 1394   36

  •  Production statistics in 1395 (2016/17): 380,000 g      

                               employment in 1395   21

  •  Production statistics in 1396 (2017/18): 602,000 g      

                               employment in 1396   0  

Direct employment: 238 people

Indirect employment: 500 people 

One of the most important plans of the Mouteh Gold Complex is the purchase of minerals from small mines without a factory which was done in 1395 and 1396 and is part of the program for the current year, 1397. The above-mentioned strategy has led to the increase in production, efficiency and support for small mines which are devoid of factory. Through implementation of this measure job opportunities have been indirectly provided for about 70 people.

Programs for the calendar year 1397 (2018-2019):

  •  Initiating the executive operations of the project for the dewatering and extraction of gold from the tailing dam

  •  Receiving a permit for the development of Darreh Ashki gold mine

  •  Exploring Qorom Qorom mine

  •  Performing additional exploration in Shanaq gold mine

  •  Constructing a building for acid washing operations up to the stage of production of gold bullion for the gold room

Mouteh Gold Complex

Tel: 031-45336240-3

fax: 031-45336130



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  September 2018
No. 88