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September 2018, No. 88

Mines & Metals Engineering GmbH

Would you please comment on MME and its activities?

Hassan Karbaschi, Managing Director of MME

The Mines and Metals Engineering (MME) was established in 1996 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with an aim of using and transferring the know-how of the latest technologies of the world, in particular the European countries, to the mines and mining industries of the country. The MME is the most significant and influential subsidiary of the ASCOTEC Holdings affiliated to the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and is the only engineering company in the field of mines and mining industries that has been registered abroad and has a record of nearly two decades in the above-mentioned fields.

The activities of the company are focused on projects in the form of EPC and it currently is the contractor of the EP in five provincial steel projects.

It should be noted that due to the significant success of the PERED plan (a “Direct Reduction Technology” invented and patented by MME in 2007) in one-million-ton capacity, the company is preparing infrastructures for the start of the mega module and super mega module engineering. 

Could you please elaborate on the ongoing projects?

As it was mentioned before, MME is present in five provincial steel projects as the contractor in the engineering and supply section. The company’s projects in the field of direct reduction projects include Shadegan Steel, Mianeh Steel, Baft Steel, Neyriz and Sepid Dasht Steel.

Meanwhile, due to the significant achievements of PERED in the reduction units operational in Shadegan, Mianeh and Neyriz, and in the year of support for the Iranian commodities by the minister of industry, mine and trade, the Iranian PERED plan has been introduced as a substitute for the US MIDREX plan and at present projects such as Baft, Qorveh and Bijar (Kurdestan Steel) have been entrusted to the company and engineering of the mentioned projects has been launched.

Currently, the Shadegan, Mianeh and Neyriz projects have been put into operation in the past 15, 12 and 7 months respectively, and are producing at the maximum capacity. The Baft reduction plan is in progress with up to 90% and in accordance with the planning made with the contractor and the employer, it will reach the production stage in the month of Bahman 1397 (January/February 2019).

Also, the MME has a 300,000-ton direct reduction project in Shanxi, China, of which the engineering and parts of supply have been completely accomplished.

It should be noted that all the above-mentioned direct reduction projects are under operation in accordance with the unique innovative approach of the company which is called PERED (Persian Direct Reduction).

In the field of steelmaking, our current projects include Sepid Dasht Steel and South Kaveh Steel Co.

The first phase of South Kaveh Steel project, with a capacity of 1.2 million tons of ingots per year, 1.2 TPY commissioned and delivered to client. Its second phase, with a similar capacity and 50% progress, is underway. At SKS Company, we are responsible for engineering and supervision.

In addition to the above mentioned designs, the MME had three revamping projects at Khouzestan Steel Company, which have been temporarily delivered and are in the final stage of delivery.

The largest project of the MME in Khouzestan Steel Company has been increasing the capacity of module 2 of the reduction of the company from 550,000 tons of sponge iron to 800,000 tons per year.

This project was put at the disposal of our company in the form of EPC, and with major changes in the furnace, reformer, heat recovery and blowers, we were capable of successfully increasing the capacity of the unit from 75 tons of sponge iron per hour to 104 tons, by observing the standards and meeting the criteria of the project.

Also, the project to increase the production capacity of furnaces I and II of Khouzestan Steel Company (under Lance Moore project) by injecting oxygen with supersonic velocity into the furnace, is under implementation.

In this project, in addition to the injection of oxygen, injection of lime to produce foaming slag and coke injection to create exothermic reaction with an aim of reducing the power consumption of the furnace have been implemented and with the implementation of these projects, power on time of the furnace has been reduced by 11 minutes.

Another MME project in Khouzestan Steel Company has been implementation of the automation of slab and bloom casting lines, which has been carried out successfully and is in the final stage of delivery. 

What are the priorities and goals of MME for the present projects and future activities of the company?

The main priority of our company is the successful implementation of the remaining and ongoing projects, including the Baft Steel plan. With regard to the successful implementation of the one-million-ton PERED plan in provinces, the company is preparing itself for the start of the mega module and super mega module engineering.

Along with the implementation of the ongoing projects, paying attention to the market development with the priority of being present in all parts of the steel production cycle, from the concentrate and pellet lines to the casting and production of special steel products are on the agenda.

Also, with regard to the need of the steel companies of the country for the issue of optimization of production lines and reduction of consumption, especially water, electricity and gas, MME has formulated reforming proposals in the mentioned fields which will be put at the disposal of the owners of the steel industry.

In the next step, we consider involvement in other mineral industries such as aluminum, copper, lead and zinc, etc. and in this regard measures have been taken and we are determined to play our role as an engineering company through consultation and using potentials of other collaborative and qualified companies as joint venture in these industries. 

What is MME's strategy during the sanction?

Due to international conditions, this company is relying on the technical knowledge of domestic specialists and experts do the best to improve and upgrade PERED technology on commissioned& under construction sites.

Of course designing of Mega modules & super mega modules in one of the top target of MME at present time MME had got one million Tons license inside the country.

Obviously, with the launch at successful commissioned PERED plants it is expected other steel making plants help us to upgrade and registering of super mega modules of PERED.

The company intends to support its domestic manufacturing companies for main equipment of DRI plants and during the sanction, there in less dependence on external equipments.



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  September 2018
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