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September 2018, No. 88

 Foolad Technic International Engineering Co.

Mohammad Abka, Managing Director of FIE Co.

Foolad Technic is an international company which renders services in the form of feasibility studies, management, engineering, procurement and execution on integrated and individual basis by efficient leading of the investments private as well as government sections in the industrial and construction projects, making use of young manpower graduated from the prime universities of our country along the experience industrial forces. Fulfillment of over 150 EPC projects, industrial automation, signaling, consultation and engineering; also implementation of more than 1500 projects in the fields of inspection, studies and banking supervision show the company’s capability in the above mentioned activities.

Foolad Technic company soon after being established in 1370 ( 1991 ), started working in the field of engineering and consultation and from 1383 (2004) following the strategic studies and with regard to the market developments as well as the existing capabilities and potentials, the company’s activities expanded from consultation and engineering to general contractors functions. Additionally, having an understanding of hidden market opportunities and the country’s need to localize the equipment and parts in the year 1390 (2011). The company established its No, 1 complex of manufacturing and production plants with an annual capacity of 30 thousand tons of structures and equipment. Foolad Technic’s movement towards contractors activity and manufacturing in different fields, including steel, oil and gas industries, mines, restorable energies and others…., was followed by market development and expansion of the company. Beside all the above-mentioned activities, carrying out the studies for the country’s comprehensive steel project studies, as a national document worked out by Foolad Technic company in 1393 (2014), enhanced the company’s role in the arena macro-decision makings for the country’s steel industry.

Major business areas of the company are metal and steel industries, mines, oil and gas, restorable energies, industrial automation and signaling in line with optimization and modernization of the country’s old industries.

The company’s presence in above-mentioned areas has been realized in terms of Provision of services such as implementation of EPC projects, financing, consultation, engineering and management of projects, feasibility studies and banking supervision, technical inspection and surveillance, design and implementation of modernization and automation. In addition, fabrication and erection of various steel and, industrial structures, manufacturing and erection of all types of reservoirs, technological and pressure tanks. Manufacturing and installation of all types of equipment and machinery are also produced in No.1 manufacturing plants complex. To provide services defined as the qualified level, Foolad Technic Company has always been complying with special aspects of development and enhancement of engineering activities moving towards innovation and up to date technologies.

Successful results achieved through the company’s efforts and activities in fulfillment of the country’s great projects such as:

  • Design, construction and execution of the DRI plant with one million ton capacity for Sirjan Iranian steel co.

  • Design, construction and execution of two rolling mill unit with capacity of 900 thousand tons for Kavir steel complex.

  •  Design, construction and execution of water treatment plant of No.5 casting machine for Mobarakeh steel complex

  •  Design, construction and execution of rolling mill unit with a capacity of 450 thousand ton of round bars for Sarmad Iron & steel Co.

  •  Design, construction and execution of DRI and steel making plant with a capacity of 800 thousand tons for Neyriz Ghadir steel Complex.

  •  Design, construction and execution of a seven km pellet transition line with capacity of one million tons for Golgohar mining and industrial company

  •  Execution, erection and commissioning of a round bar rolling mill plant 550 thousand ton capacity for Bafgh mining and industrial complex.

  •  Design, construction and execution of a pelletizing plant with 2.5 million ton capacity for Sirjan Iranian steel Co.

  •  Plant and design, construction and execution of oil Desalination of oil unit for Gachsarna oil wells, are indicative of the company in the areas of the defined activities.

  • In addition to its activities in industry and mining section, Foolad technic company due to having competent manpower, has also attained considerable scientific achievements. Obtaining patent for wagon tippler, patent for blast furnace design, programming and producing technical and engineering software’s, compiling technical and engineering books and working out scientific papers in international journals and conferences are further evidences for Foolad Technic’s competence to contribute to the enhancement of our country.

  •  Attaining silver statue of Excellent project certificate in the 6th national festival of project management award in Iran in the year 1395 (2016).

  •  Selecting as the country’s prime engineering company in the 5th festival of research and technology in industry, mine and trade in the year 1395 (2016).

  •  Selected as the excellent national brand in 1393(2014) in the country.

  •  Selected in the festival of 30 top brands of 1391 (2012) in central provinces of the country

  •  Selected as the prime company, member of engineering services in 1391 ( 2012), and as the selected company in 1389 (2010) in the festival for the top 100 brands, are among the honors that our company has gained through its activities which are considered as further evidence of FIECo’s capability.

On the way toward its growth and excellence, Foolad Technic has always been trying to follow and meet the requirements for enhancement of the country’s industry, and the sustainable development of our beloved country is the main target aimed by executive managers, and specialist of this company.     

Foolad Technic International Engineering Co.

Address: Daneshgah Street, Esfahan, Iran 

Postal Code:  81739-39791

Tel : +98 - 31 - 36268001-4 / 36272914-7

Fax: +98 - 31 - 36279223



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  September 2018
No. 88