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September 2018, No. 88


Central Alborz Coal Company

Hossein Motesadi Zarandi, Managing Director of Central Alborz Coal Co.

1. History

The history of exploration operations in the Central Alborz area, which embodies more than 30,000 square kilometers of Mazandaran Province, dates back to about 83 years ago.

The first exploration operations in that vast area took place under the water in 1314 (1935/36) during the nationwide railroad construction which led to the exploitation of Kanij Kola Mine and subsequently another exploration operation was conducted in the same area which eventually in 1350 (1971/72), resulted in the exploitation of some part of the Kar Mozd Mine in the same area. Therefore, mines of the Central Alborz Coal Company could be considered the oldest coal mines in Iran. On the other hand, the Central Alborz Coal Company, in line with the government’s policy of privatization, has ceded most of its operating mines to the private sector. 

2- Status Quo

Currently the company holds exploitation permit for Kordabad Mine with a definite reserve of 21.6 million tons and possible reserves of 40 million tons. The region has been divided into two parts.

2-1. Kari Kola area: By obtaining a permit from the Environment and Natural Resources Department, tunnel digging operations are underway for complementary explorations and exploitation in coming years.

2-2. Jamshidabad area: Action has been taken to receive a permit from the Environment and Natural Resources Department so that by obtaining a permit to launch mining operations in coming years.

2-3. Exploitation permit for Goliran Mine: With a definite reserve of 27 million tons and possible reserves of 14 million tons, the capacity of the mine in block 6 is currently equal to 60,000 tons per year. With the launch of block 9 some 150,000 tons of coal will be also extracted from this block.

2-4. Gardaneh Sar and Sefid Riz exploration area: The reserve of the area is over 10 million tons which, with the completion of the exploration operation, steps are being taken to receive a discovery certificate.

2-5. New coal washing plant in Anjir Tangeh region: It became operational in 1396 (2017) with a nominal capacity of 500,000 tons of raw coal per year and production of 350,000 tons of concentrate.

2-6. Old coal washing plant: It became operational in 1367 (1988) and has remained unused due to the commissioning of the new plant and has been put at the disposal of a contractor to process 2 million tons of the present wastes in Anjir Tangeh enclosure with the capacity of washing 150,000 tons annually and dispose the wastes remaining from the processing out of the plant area.

2-7. Charcoal laboratory in Anjir Tangeh region: For the analysis of the purchased raw coal and the produced coal concentrate.

2-8. The company has an administrative site located in Azadmehr region and an educational-cultural complex in Khazarabad. The complex is open for the use of the company staff and other partner units in all seasons. 

3- Company Products

At present, the company produces coal concentrate with the following qualitative specifications after washing the raw coal at the coal washing plant:

Ash - 10.5 to 11 percent

Volatile materials - 34 percent

Plastometry - 15 mm

Sulfur – 1 percent

Moisture - 10 to 11 percent 

4- Selling Process

The company supplies part of the raw coking coal needed by the coal washing plant from its mines and purchases the remaining raw coal from the private sector in the region and other parts of the country. After processing in the coal washing plant and transferring it into the coking coal concentrate it is transported by the railway and truck to Esfahan Steel Company and by truck to Zarand Coke Making Complex in Kerman. The current concentrate production program of the company is 120 thousand tons per year. 

5- Investment Plans and Attraction of Foreign Investors

1- Plan to build Savadkouh coke factory

2- Plan to prepare and equip Kordabad Mine

3- Plan to prepare and equip Goliran Mine 

5-1. Plan to build Savadkouh Coke factory

The plan for building Savadkouh coke factory with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of coke in Anjir Tangeh region in a period of 36 months has the joint cooperation of the Kani Kavan Shargh Co. and the CMC of China as the contractor and is in the final stages of receiving the environmental permit.

5-2. Plan to prepare and equip Kordabad Mine

The plan for the preparation and equipment of Kordabad Mine for the production of 60,000 tons of raw coke per year is being followed up. Consultant of the plan has prepared the final report of environmental studies and submitted it to the provincial environmental department. After approval it was sent to the Department of Environment and after receiving the final permit, operations for the equipment and preparation of Jamshidabad section of the mine will be launched. The definite reserve of the mine is 21.6 million tons and its possible reserve is 40 million tons. In this part the Kari Kola mine is currently undergoing complementary exploration operations.

5-3. Plan to prepare and equip Goliran Mine

In this mine block 6 with a production capacity of 60,000 tons a year is currently operational and block 9 with a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year has been designed by Ukrainian consultants and if the funding is provided it will become operational in a period of three years. 

6. Environmental Measures

6-1. Construction of a barrier dam to prevent entry of waste into the river adjacent to the site.

6-2. Active presence in international environmental exhibitions over the past years and implementation of programs related to the maintenance of sustainable development in the company.

6-3. In line with the improvement of environmental issues and increase of the efficiency in Savadkouh coal washing factory, technical knowhow of the creditable FLS Company has been used. Meanwhile, the company has supplied the majority of foreign equipment. Installation of the equipment and hot and cold commissioning of the plant has been done in the presence of the company supervisors.

6-4. Receiving ISO 9001 - 14001 - 18001 certificates. 

Central Alborz Coal Company

Address: Km 185, Savadkuh Rd., Opposite Savadkuh Road Traffic Police, Savadkuh, Mazandaran.

Postal Code: 4791649498

Tel.: ++98 1142424001-5

Fax: ++98 1142422590





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  September 2018
No. 88