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September 2018, No. 88

Anguran Lead and Zinc Complex

Masoud Ghazanfari, Managing Director of Anguran Lead and Zinc Mineral Complex

Operations of Anguran Lead and Zinc Mineral Complex are in three sections of open mine, underground mine (sulfur) and travertine construction stone. Extraction in the open mine includes waste and mineral extraction that is accomplished by the contractor and the extracted minerals would be delivered by the employer (Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company – IMPASCO) in the course of a special process to different factories for processing and producing ingots. The underground sector (sulfur) has been established in order to gain speedy access to the mineral substances in the lower parts of the mineral reserves. About 4200 meters different excavations had previously been constructed by the employer but continuation of the activity is conditioned on the completion of the preparations. Also, excavation of the mineral substance through tender has been ceded to the eligible contractor. The extracted mineral substance will be delivered to the employer in order to be handed over to the applicants through auction or the stock market.

The second mineral substance of Anguran Complex is travertine construc- tion stone with a geological reserve of about 30 million tons and proved re- serve of over 14 million tons. The opera- tion license has been maintained for the14 million tons, and it is expected that 25 thousand tons will be annually extracted. The extraction and sale of the travertine construction stone is done by the contrac- tor and the employer’s share will be paid by the contractor after the sale.

 Anguran lead and zinc soil is exclusively supplied to the domestic factories and  considering  the  created capacities and local needs there is no possibility for export but as for travertine, there is; which, regards to the type of the contract sale and export of such product are carried out by contractor. 

Achievements of Anguran Lead & Zinc Mineral Complex
in the last 5 years in following Domains


1- Obtaining the title of Superior Provincial Operator in 2013

2- Extraction and exploitation of travertine plan in 2014 with obtaining a license of production of 25 thousand tons per annum

3- Extraction record in producing more than one million tons of lead and zinc in 2014, which has been unprecedented in the history of the operation of the Anguran mine.

4- Exploitation of Sahib Saqez Iron Ore project in Kurdistan province in 2016 and creation of employment in this section.

5- Development of Northern parts of this Open Pit mine and exploration of such area and discovery of 370,000 tons of minerals during 2015 and 2016.

6- Installation and commissioning of crusher system in 2015 for crushing and homogenizing of mineral in line with  customers satisfaction.

7- Selection of Contractor and equipping Anguran underground workshop to extract sulfur in 2017 and the creation of employment for about 300 people in line with the realization of the motto “Resistance Economics, Production-Employment”.

8- Overproduction of lead and zinc beyond the expected programme and plan within the past 5 years.

9- Obtaining a Quality Management Certificate in accordance with the International Standard Requirements - ISO 9001. 


1- Utilization of soil stabilization solution (tach hydrate) to prevent dust emissions aiming at protecting the environment.

2- Substructure and asphalting of exclusive mine’s road and path

leading to Anguran Residential Town.

3- Operation of the wastewater treatment system with a total capacity of 120m3 (biological treatment method) and return of outlet waste to the complex consumption cycle.

4- The plan to revive waste dumps by creating green forest area

5- Place determination of solid waste landfills at Anguran region

6- Construction of sediment retention dam on the rivers course around the complex

7- Elimination of worn out vehicles and replacement of new cars

8- Obtaining an Environmental Management Certificate in accordance with the International Standard Requirements - ISO 14001

9- Obtaining the Occupational Safety and Health Management Certificate in accordance with the International Standard Requirements - OHSAS 18001

Anguran Lead and Zinc Mineral Complex

Address: Lot 1, Milad 1, Phase 2, Down the Mountains, Zanjan -Iran

Postal Code: 4514939189

P.O.Box: 45451-6118

Tel.: +98 24 33777670

Fax: +98 24 33782816




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  September 2018
No. 88